1 Gluten Free Muffin, 4 Ways

Today, I’m partnering with HP to celebrate their new HP x360.  We’re going to #bendtherules by creating 4 different muffins out of one recipe (and it’s gluten free!).  Who wants one muffin flavor when you can have 4?  :)

HP is on the road with Meghan Trainor for her “That Bass Tour” to create a fan-generated documentary using the HP x360 – you can follow along with all the behind-the-scenes footage here!

To help spread the word, HP sent me an HP x360 to try out, and guys, it is awesome!  It’s a laptop, but it bends the rules allowing you to use it in 4 different modes:  laptop, tablet, tent, or stand.  It’s lightweight, and it’s also a touch screen, which is always a win in my book.  I’ve been having a lot of fun finding out which modes work best for what I usually do.  Here are my two favorites:

First, the tent.  It’s perfect to prop up on the counter while I’m baking so I have the recipe right in front of me from my favorite blogs.  I like that the keyboard is facing away from me so I won’t get any crumbs in the keys! [Read more…]

Double Chocolate Muffins

Healthier chocolate muffins that are just perfect for on-the-go breakfasts – nice and hearty so they’ll keep you going!  Need I say more?

I made these on Valentine’s Day, and I made them a bit more festive with the red and pink cupcake wrappers, although we didn’t actually eat these on Valentine’s.  I made us some rich, totally sinful (and perfectly delicious) brownies, instead.  Nope, these chocolate muffins are for snacks on rotation (or at work for Alex). [Read more…]

Things I’m Loving: Minted Edition

I’ve been wanting to share things I’ve been loving lately, whether it be food, clothes, books, etc., but I just never got around to actually sitting down and typing up a post.  The last time I shared some prints was back in 2013, can you believe it?!  The lovely folks over at Minted asked me if I would like to share a few of their products, and I got really excited – I’ve been lusting after their beautiful prints and cards for a long time!

A little bit about Minted first – they’re an online marketplace full of products by independent designers.  They have all of the paper goods you could need – announcements, thank you cards, holiday cards, invitations, notebooks, party decor, etc. – and they also have fabrics, art prints, and home decor!  It’s really easy to lose yourself in the art marketplace; there are so many great pieces, from abstract art to typography.  They have monthly art and design competitions where everyone can vote for their favorite designer’s pieces, and the winning pieces are then sold on Minted.

I found something in just about every category that I adore, but here are a few of my absolute favorites:


First, I love a good typography print.  I love that you can pick out different frames to go with these!  Is it really pathetic that it took me a couple minutes to figure out the bookshelf one said READ?

textured blocks // emerson quote // feeding time // better than whiskey // 4 seasons : winter

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