Apple Cinnamon Bundt Cake

This past weekend, my crazy cat lady came out a little more than usual, in the form of homemade felt catnip toys.  On Saturday night.  Because it’s totally normal to stitch up toys for your kitties instead of socializing with actual people.  Hah.  I also just recently ordered a subscription for a Meow Box for the kitties… I promise I’m not insane.  It’s just so darn fun to see how excited they get when they know something is just for them.

Because it’s gotten super cool in Buffalo in the past few days (I’m talking in the 50s – Fahrenheit), I’ve decided it’s just the weather that’s making me love extra on my kitties.  Cold equals more kitty cuddles, and you gotta keep those kitties happy to keep the cuddles coming, right?  Right.  My garbage disposal got all jammed up, so I couldn’t really wash any dishes, so there is that, too; I couldn’t really bake anything, which is normally what I do as soon as it gets cool out.  I DID, however, manage to make this bundt cake earlier in the week to get a little bit of fall baking in early, as it seems that Mother Nature has decided it’s fall here already. [Read more...]

Classic Double Chocolate Brownies

Sometimes, all you need is a classic brownie.  Just like the kind that comes out of a box, with the crisp, crackly top and fudgy center.  To get that, you can’t really “healthify” it much, seeing as it’s the sugar involved that creates that perfect crackly top, but to get that perfect brownie, that calorie splurge is so, so worth it.

I did make these with white whole wheat flour, because I can’t leave well enough alone.  You can’t tell in the slightest, though!  Still makes them rich and gooey, since they still have plenty of butter and sugar.  ;) [Read more...]

Chocolate Cherry Pudding Cake (Gluten Free)

Now that my mini summer break is over, I’ve been slowly trying to get used to working full time again.  This time, I’m doing a lot of pharmacy compounding, so it’s a lot of fun to be creating things all day long – it almost feels like I’m having fun in the kitchen!  Once the weekend hits, I’m itching to make actual edible things.  I made ciabatta for the first time last weekend, which I am really excited about, and I finally got around to making my chocolate cherry dessert in a skillet that I’ve been craving before the cherries go out of season!

Because I’ve been all about gooey desserts lately, I went with a pudding cake.  I decided to make it gluten free to keep the protein content decent with almond and buckwheat flours, and it turned out perfectly!  The texture of buckwheat flour gives it a slight grainy feeling in the pudding part, but the flavor is fantastic, and you can easily sub all almond flour if you don’t want to try the buckwheat.  I like using both so that it gets the right cake texture and rise.

[Read more...]