2014 Favorite Recipes

Happy New Year, everyone!  I’m excited (and mildly terrified) to see what 2015 has in store for me.  I graduate this May and will finally be able to start my career as a pharmacist!  With that will come moving to who knows where, so there are a lot of unknowns for me at this point, which is pretty scary!  I officially begin my second half of my final year of pharmacy school this Monday.

Before totally diving into the new year, though, I always like to look back through the blog to see what all of your favorite posts were, and I also like to highlight my absolute favorites!

This was a year when I didn’t have as much time to get into the kitchen as often as I would have liked, but what I did make, I’m really happy about!  I also tried to hone my food photography skills a little more… I’ve definitely improved a ton, and there’s still so much more I could learn!  I finally got a tripod for Christmas, so I’m really excited to be using that to photograph recipes in 2015!  Hopefully I won’t need 10 of each shot to make sure they aren’t all blurry from my hands shaking!  ;)


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Double Chocolate Molasses Crinkles

Alex, the kitties, and I are in Pittsburgh to celebrate the holidays with my family – can I just say how EXCITED I am for Christmas this year?!?  I absolutely cannot wait for all of the time with family (and the good food).  AND I can’t wait to watch everyone open the gifts I got them, of course!  ;)  We kicked off the holiday season as we usually do, with a cookie party at my sister’s.  This year, I made what is now my absolute favorite cookie – double chocolate molasses crinkles!

These cookies are soft and chewy, with a crisp sugary crust.  They have a rich chocolate flavor, followed by the wonderful taste that is the spicy molasses crinkle.  Molasses crinkles are one of my very favorites, so adding chocolate…ten times better.  I had to make an extra batch after I made all of my cookies for the cookie party so that I would have enough extras to eat!  ALWAYS a good sign there. [Read more...]

Maple Whiskey Banana Bread

One of my very favorite smells in the whole world is the smell of a glass of Crown Royal Maple.  Whiskey and maple together – it’s absolute heaven.  My friend, Randy, set up his own little whiskey tasting for me earlier this year, and I could have easily sat there the entire time just smelling my glass of Crown Maple (and I did.. for a while.. until I drank it).  It’s just as good to drink.  So because I’m crazy, I bought an entire 1.75 liter bottle of Crown Maple a bit ago while there was a sale on it – you can never have enough maple deliciousness, right?!   I also can’t leave well enough alone.. so I had to bake with it.  And make my ENTIRE HOUSE smell like mapley whiskey goodness.  Oooooh, guys.  This stuff is good.

Who loves banana pancakes?  Because that’s pretty much why I had to make maple banana bread.  It’s like eating a banana pancake drizzled in syrup, but it’s not as messy, and there are crunchy walnuts involved.. all good things.  The whiskey doesn’t hurt, either.  Pretty much, this is your standard banana bread made 100 times better because of the maple (and the whiskey).   [Read more...]