Mason Jar Labels (with free printable)

I try to store as many things as I can in mason jars – rice, pasta, nuts, chocolate chips, nut butters, etc.  I love the look of them, and I love that they keep things so fresh.  We have a table in our kitchen that I use for extra counter space, and I keep most of my dry ingredients in mason jars all along the edge of it.  Most of the jars don’t match, which I love, and I have a variety of regular and wide-mouthed.  To make them go together a bit better, I decided to make some simple labels for the lids.

Of course, they had to be teal.  I absolutely love teal (I’m sure you haven’t realized from the colors of this site).  And I love to make things Harry Potter related in whatever way I can, so I added the snitch that I use on the banner for this site to “underline” the text!  Snitches are probably my absolute favorite thing from HP.  I used to draw little snitches all over my notes in middle school and high school.
I went the easy route and made these up using Microsoft Word, using their shape tools and patterns.  I’m so excited about them!  Now I want more jars just so I can label more things; I have about 24 total, maybe?
And if you want.. you can print out your own!
Print onto heavy card stock, cut out, and either glue or tape underneath the ring onto the lid of your mason jars!  You can either insert the text you would like in your favorite font, or write it in yourself!
Regular Mason Jar Labels (12 per sheet)