Creamy Greek Yogurt Mac & Cheese

This week, I’ve been a little bit of a zombie.  I started my inpatient rotation for school over at the children’s hospital in Buffalo, and the 6AM wake-ups have been a bit of a shock to my system.  It’ll get me more prepared for school, since we have a good bit of 8AM classes this year, but boy, am I tired.

With how exhausted my body has felt, I have been in no mood at all to cook dinner, so I’m all about easy things!  Last night, we made a huge tray of nachos in the oven with leftover mexican chicken.  Yeah.  Nachos for dinner.  But then there are quick dishes like this one that are so perfect – comforting and creamy, and not totally bad for you.

This mac and cheese is probably one of my new favorites.  The cheese sauce is so thick and creamy, but it has a little dose of protein from the greek yogurt.  The yogurt doesn’t make it overly tangy, either, which I was really pleased about!  I used a blend of cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan, and colby-jack cheeses, but choose your favorites!  I threw in some spinach for some veggies, but feel free to omit or choose your favorite veggie!

What’s your favorite comfort food?

Creamy Greek Yogurt Mac & Cheese

serves 4-6

Creamy Greek Yogurt Mac & Cheese

  • 8 oz. (about 2 cups) elbow pasta (I used whole wheat)
  • 8 oz. (about 2 cups) shredded cheese (a sharp cheddar is great)
  • 1/2 cup plain greek yogurt (I love Chobani)
  • 2 cups fresh spinach
  • salt & pepper, to taste
  • 1/4 tsp. onion powder
  • 1/4 tsp. garlic powder

Cook the macaroni according to the package’s instructions (about 8-10 minutes), until al dente.

Place the spinach leaves in the bottom of a strainer, and pour the pasta over top to drain and wilt the spinach. Save about 1/2 cup of the pasta water. Return the cooked macaroni and wilted spinach to the pot.

Add about 1/4 cup of the reserved pasta water to the pot, and stir in the cheese until melted. Stir in the greek yogurt, onion powder, garlic powder, salt, and pepper, until smooth and creamy. Stir in the remaining pasta water to thin, if necessary. Serve immediately.

  • Roni

    That sounds amazing! Must try it!

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      Hope you enjoy it! :)

  • Just Some Salt and Pepper

    What a great idea to make it with Greek yogurt!

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      Hope you enjoy it if you try it! :)

  • Abbe @ Abbe’s Cooking Antics

    My friend Kelly at Disfunctionally Fuctional linked to this recipe in her menu plan this week. I’m glad she did. I love spinach, and hadn’t thought to include it in my mac n cheese – I’ll be trying this :)

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      Awe, so glad you found me and this recipe! I try to sneak spinach into everything so I feel a little healthier. 😉 Hope you enjoy it!

  • Laura

    Can you re heat this up in the microwave? I’m gonna make it tonight & I’m just curious if I should scarf down the entire thing or leave some for tomorrow :)

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      Sure you can! I would just reheat it at 30-second intervals, stirring in between, to make sure the greek yogurt doesn’t get too hot and break down. It can get grainy if it gets overheated (but the flavor will still be the same). Hope you enjoy it! :)

  • Katie

    Just made this for my kiddo. It took all of ten minutes to make AND it is yummy! I’ve been looking for a Mac n cheese recipe where the cheese is not stringy. Finally found it here!

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      Yay – so glad you enjoyed it! It’s definitely one of my new favorites. :)

  • Nicole

    Do you think you could try this with kale. I have a ton of it right now.

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      Absolutely! Just substitute it right in for the spinach. :) Hope you enjoy!

  • Kelli H

    This was sooooooo good! My husband and I loved it. I’ll definitely be making this again and again.

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      Yay! So glad you both enjoyed it.

  • Barbara Bradner Niemeyer

    this is yummy…I diced up some tomatoes from my garden and put them on top of the spinach then poured the mac over it…thanks for the recipe…

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      Mm.. adding tomatoes sounds fantastic! So glad you enjoyed it!

  • Sara

    I’m making this now :) does it freeze well?

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      I haven’t tried freezing it myself yet (it never lasts long enough for us), but I would imagine it would freeze fine!

    • Lacey

      How did it freeze?

  • Lisa

    Looking forward to making this…I miss Mac n cheese. If anyone is wondering it is 329 cals per serving per myfitnesspal

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      Thanks for letting us know!! Hope you enjoy it. :)

  • Rachel

    Just made it for lunch it was quick n easy and AMAZING! Thanks for the great recipe!!

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      So glad you enjoyed it!! :)

  • Melissa

    I don’t really like onions, is it necessary to use the onion powder? Will it make a huge difference if I omit it? Thanks!

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      You can omit it, no problem! It’s just to add another dimension of flavor. Hope you enjoy it!

  • Merry Meri

    This looks absolutely delicious!! As a mac cheese lover always looking for healthy(er!) recipes, I can’t wait to test it out. I shared with my readers here: Thanks for the inspiration!!!

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      Awe, thanks for sharing it! Hope you enjoy it. :)

  • Julia B

    This is my new favorite Mac and Cheese recipe-thank you, thank you!!!! Glad I found your blog through Pinterest : )

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      Yay! I’m glad you found me :) It’s my favorite, too!

  • Judy Mathews Paczkowski

    Is this supposed to serve two? I’m hoping so. Sounds delish and I think I might throw some diced up chicken in with it.

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      As stated in the recipe, this serves 6; it’ll generously serve 4. Hope you enjoy it! Diced chicken sounds like a great idea.

  • Christina Bauer

    So I improvised a bit, but check out how I used your recipe last night :)

  • sistersrunning

    thanks for the recipe…this looks fantastic! I have plans to make this on Wednesday night…i’ll report back :)

  • sistersrunning

    okay so i tried the recipe…added butternut squash (roasted- that i had leftover from another recipe) and chicken (that was already cooked from another recipe!). this wasl iterally ready and in my mouth in 10 minutes flat and it was AWESOME. i absolutely loved it! added some red pepper flakes, too! thank you for such an awesome, healthy recipe! itll definitely be something iw ill make on those nights where i dont have a lot of time- which is most nights haha… only thing i would say is that it made about 3 bowls…not 6 servings. has anyone found this to be true? maybe im just a fatty though hahaha

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      YUM to the butternut squash, chicken, and red pepper flakes!! I love that the flavor combinations are so endless! After making this over and over, I’ve found that we usually get 4 generous servings out of it – 6 only if we aren’t as hungry (which is probably how much we’re supposed to eat, haha!). I really should update that part of the recipe! If you used another pasta, that could contribute, too! So glad you loved it!

      • sistersrunning

        yeah i like that the recipe is very versatile too- you can really add whatever you want to it! and okay good that makes me feel better that you agree with the fact that it doesnt actually serve 6 (phew Im not a fatty afterall hahaha)- but you are right i think the type of pasta does make a big difference. i used mini farfalle which from the looks of it are smaller that what u used in this recipe. anyway- thanks again for the recipe- will be a great staple for me to make for myself!

  • Jenv

    Looks amazing. I’ve been complaining all week that I’m dying for Mac and cheese, and then stumbled upon this! Any idea how many WW+ points it would be? I recently started weight watchers and am not great at figuring that all out yet. Any help would be appreciated. :)

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      Sorry for the delay in my response. I actually have no idea how to calculate WW+ points, although I’m sure there are plenty of online resources to help. Hope you enjoy the recipe, regardless! :)

    • Krista

      Hi Jenv! I am also on WW and figured out points. Making it just like Mel did with a wheat pasta, it comes out to be 9 WW+ points for a serving (or around a 1/2 cup cooked). Using reduced fat cheese would help, but likely wouldn’t melt the same…although it’s not SUPER low in points, there is nothing “unhealthy” in this recipe. The spinach, wheat noodles and Greek yogurt are all on on WW Power Foods list so I don’t feel guilty at all when eating this!! Hope this helps! Enjoy : )

  • thetwocentchick

    I made this recently because of you and it was amazing! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Krista

    I just made this for my fiancé and me for dinner. Words can’t describe how delicious it was!!! He LOVED it and was still commenting about it 15mins after dinner. The fact that it took me 15 minutes from start to finish is just an added bonus!! : ) thank you so much!

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      So glad you both enjoyed it!! :)

  • Kimberly Smith

    Made this tonight. I may never make Mac n cheese like my mom taught me again! Quick and delicious. Thinking about adding some crumbled turkey bacon next time for a one dish meal

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      Awe, haha, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Hope your mom doesn’t mind. :) Crumbled turkey bacon sounds like a great idea!

  • Mallory @ Because I Like Choco

    Great idea with the greek yogurt, I would think it would add amazing tang!

  • The Nested Turtle

    This looks amazing…. I just purchased cabot’s extra sharp 50% reduced fat white cheddar at the store (there was a sale)… Do you think this would be good in this dish?

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      That sounds fantastic for this dish! The sharper the better, in my opinion. :) I love Cabot cheese!

  • Ashley

    I made this for dinner tonight and it was amazing!!! :) Thanks for the recipe!

  • Molly

    I am looking forward to making this recipe this week!

    I just found your blog today. I hope pharmacy school is going well – I am also a pharmacist and a crazy cat lady. 😉

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      Sorry for my delay in response; school is crazy! 😉 So happy to hear from a fellow crazy cat lady AND pharmacist! So awesome. I hope you enjoyed the recipe!

  • Rebecca Clair

    I made this a couple nights ago and it was fantastic (even without the spinach, because I was out of it). Even my husband, who passionately hates anything with yogurt, liked it and asked for the recipe so he can make it for lunches. That’s a big compliment!

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      Sorry for my delay in response, but SO glad you both enjoyed it! So awesome that you were able semi change your husband’s mind about yogurt! 😉

  • Callie

    YUM! Made this last night. I didn’t use spinach and I swapped the onion power and used cajun seasoning instead. SO GOOD. Thank you for the recipe!

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      Yum – cajun sounds fantastic! Glad you enjoyed it. :)

      • TomC416

        Throw some shrimp in there and make it REALLY Cajun! :-)

  • Amy Quinn

    8 oz = 1 cup….just saying :)

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      8 FLUID ounces equals one cup. Dry products have different weights, so you’ll find that it is not always 8 ounces! For instance, one cup of all-purpose flour is about 4.5 ounces. With pastas and cheeses, it’s always a good idea to look at the individual serving size measurements/weights on the package and calculate it into cups for a recipe, or just weigh it out.

  • Michele

    This is amazing and it’s so easy. :)

  • ClK Fashions

    I made this recipe today for a quick lunch. However when I made this, it didn’t turn out creamy like your picture shows. Could you give me a few tips, did you use anything such as milk? Thank you!

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      I just used what is listed in the recipe – both the cheese and greek yogurt are what make it creamy! I’m not sure what could’ve gone wrong for you – did you make sure to add a little bit of the pasta water, as stated in the directions? I hope you’ll try it again with better results!

  • Amanda Ferguson

    I made this for dinner tonight with whole wheat rotini and extra cheese to make it super gooey for my kids. I also added a package of halved cherry tomatoes to give it an extra zing, which was WONDERFUL. I served it along with steamed snap peas tossed with olive oil and lemon juice. My kids INHALED it. This is going to be a new favorite in my house!

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      I just made some with roasted tomatoes the other week! Gotta love how adaptable it is! :)
      So glad your kids loved it!

  • Jenn

    What would you think about using spaghetti squash instead of pasta noodles?

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      I’ve actually had this cheese sauce over spaghetti squash before! It’s delicious. Just make the sauce in a small pot on the stove, following the same instructions without the pasta (but you’ll still need some hot/boiling water to thin the sauce out/melt the cheese). Then just top the spaghetti squash with the sauce!
      Let me know how you like it. :)

  • Cara

    Um…all I have to say is “yum!” Thanks for posting such a great recipe :)

  • Abby Tinsley

    Do you have an idea of how many calories per serving this is? It looks amazing by the way! :)

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      I haven’t checked into it myself, but a reader calculated it out to be 329 calories per serving! Hope you enjoy it!

  • Whitney

    I love this recipe! I’ve made it three times already, with varying success. The first time I think i had to much pasta water, since it was VERY watery but the leftovers were perfect. The second time I added way more cheese and it was just about perfect, but not creamy like yours. This last time something happened with the cheese/yogurt and it sorta separated out into very watery and chunky parts. Don’t know what happened. When I added the pasta in there was just clumps of cheese everywhere than wouldn’t melt down. It taste great but I’ve never gotten it to look like your picture, I’ve never gotten it creamy. What do you think I’m doing wrong?

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  • Riley

    This recipe is awesome, thank you for providing it! It’s great for a solid meal that’s packed with protein. My only suggestion is to give it a pinch of flavor. I added a side of roasted red peppers (sauteed in olive oil and garlic)… perfection!

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  • Erin @ Texanerin Baking

    Whoa. I’ve been eating this all day. SO so good! Thank you for the recipe. :) I’m never going back to regular mac and cheese! This is tastier and quicker. Yay!

    I’ll be posting my adaption tomorrow unless you have something against that (crediting you, of course ;))

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      Isn’t it amazing?! It’s my standby on crazy busy nights. So glad you enjoyed it. Go right ahead and share it – I’m excited to see how you changed it up! :)

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  • Tasia

    This was less than desired. It needs a roux so the cheese sauce is saucier versus the glop this created. I’d be willing to make it again with proper adjustments.

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      I’m sorry to hear that! I’m not sure what went wrong for you, as I would definitely never describe the cheese sauce from this recipe as “glop,” and I haven’t heard anyone else that has tried it describe it as such, either. It’s possible that the greek yogurt separated slightly from too high of heat, which would create a sauce that is not nearly as creamy and smooth.

      One of the reasons this does not contain a roux is because the greek yogurt gives it a thickness that deems a roux quite unnecessary. This allows people with intolerances to gluten to easily have their mac and cheese without worrying about funny thickeners to mimic a roux! I like to make my recipes approachable for many different diets. If you a prefer a sauce with a roux, I recommend using a different recipe!

      I hope you’ll try it again with better results, as I’m not sure you got a taste for how this recipe should truly be!

  • Sherry

    Awesome recipe, even my picky hub loved it! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      So glad you enjoyed it! :)

  • Carre

    Any idea what the fat content, etc. is for this? Cant wait to make it! :)

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      It varies a lot depending on what type of cheese and yogurt you use. If you use part-skim cheeses and non-fat greek yogurt, it can be almost fat free.

      A reader calculated the calorie count to be about 329 calories/serving, but you can always input the exact ingredients you use into a nutrition site to figure out the calories/fat/etc.

      Hope you enjoy it! :)

  • Steve Schuessler Connors

    sounds like a keeper Melinda!? and I like the idea of using the pasta H2O to melt the cheese!
    good luck with school!

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      Thank you! Hope you enjoy it if you try it. :)

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  • Maddie

    im going to replace the pasta with cauliflower for a low carb recipe :)

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      Sounds delicious – let me know how you like it! I’m betting the cheese sauce would go so well over broccoli, too.. I love cheesy broccoli. :)

  • StarvingStudent

    Super simple, quick and delicious!

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      Happy you enjoyed it! :)

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  • Vivian

    I recently purchased Greek yogurt drinks and have wanted to find a way to incorporate it into recipes. Do you think it will work with it being liquified? There’s no added sugar or anything; it’s just yogurt in a drink.

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      It’s definitely worth trying! You may want to scale it down slightly, since it does contain more liquid. I’d start with 1/4 cup, and keep adding a little more until you get the right texture!
      Let me know how it works out, and I hope you enjoy it! :)

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  • Boojie

    I made this tonight! Came out super creamy and delicious!!!!!! Thank you!

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      So glad you enjoyed it!!

  • Ann

    I made this as a quick dinner after my workout- great meal for students! Thank you, I’ll be making this a lot!!

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      We make it a lot here, too! So quick and easy. :) Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Monica

    I’m the ultimate mac and cheese lover and this was literally one of the best things I’ve made in a while. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe! :)

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      Awe, yay! So happy you loved it. :)

  • Sophie

    This recipe is amazing, thanks! :)

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      Thank you for trying it! Glad you enjoyed it :)

  • Vanessa

    SO good!!! So nice to have a delicious mac and cheese recipe that’s also quick! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      So glad you enjoyed it! :)

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  • rachel

    How many servings does this make?

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      It makes 4-6 servings, as stated in the recipe.

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  • Kristina

    I just tried this and it did not work out well, all the cheese melted and then just stuck to the spinach, it did not turn out creamy at all.

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      It’s possible that you either didn’t add enough of the pasta water, or your yogurt overheated and separated. It’s hard to tell since I wasn’t in the kitchen with you, obviously, but I hope you’ll try again!

  • KF

    I made this with nonfat greek yogurt/sharp vermont cheddar and added some garlicky peas and roasted red peppers, and IT WAS AMAZING! This recipe was perfect, thank you so much- it ends up looking so fancy (and it tastes delicious) while also being super quick to make. Definitely a new staple in my repertoire!

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      Ooohh garlicky peas and roasted red peppers sounds excellent! Sharp cheddar is always the best way to go, I think! :) So glad you enjoyed it.

  • rm

    Followed the instructions to the letter and turned out absolutely awfully. The cheese totally separated from the water, so I have water with clumpy cheese… very very bad. Would not recommend.

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      So sorry to hear that. It’s possible that your yogurt overheated – that’s what would cause it to curdle/separate. You can try stirring it in after removing it from the heat for a little longer. I hope you’ll try again with better results!

      • Crystalskyes

        Are you sure that adding the cheese DIRECTLY to the pasta with only hot pasta water make a smooth sauce?
        I thought that the only way to get a smooth sauce was to use a roux.

        • melinda @cookingalamel

          Yep, I’m sure! The pictures are evidence of that, as are the many raving reviews in the comments. I’ve made it over and over again, and I’ve never had an non-smooth sauce. The hot water just melts the cheese, but the greek yogurt really helps to keep it creamy and smooth. It’s just a fine balance because you don’t want it to be so hot that the yogurt separates.

          • Crystalskyes

            Okay, thanks for the fast reply. :)
            I will give it a go tomorrow.

  • Jessica

    OMG. I’ve made a few of your recipes before and liked them, but this was like a mac & cheese revelation. SO GOOD! I will admit I was a little skeptical – it seemed too good to be true (and too easy, and too healthy), but it’s true. Even the hubs agrees – and he was grumbling about me putting Greek yogurt into the mac & cheese. He loved it. Major win, thanks so much for this great recipe! Every once in a while I come across a recipe that kind of changes the way I think about a dish – this was one of those recipes. Never would have thought to put Greek yogurt in there.

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      Awe, thank you for your kind words! I’m so glad you both enjoyed it. :)

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  • Diana

    I am a mac and cheese addict and was sceptical but am doing my best to eat healthier so I gave it a shot and was thrilled! This will be my recipe from now on, with various veggies added. I did not use as much water as recipe stated and after mixing I put in a casserole dish and baked at 350 for about 15 minutes. It made four servings for me and I put them in plastic containers ready tot ake to work!! Thank you

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      Awesome – so glad it worked out for you! My sister also likes baking it. :)

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  • Dee

    This worked out well, I used corkscrew pasta and it was delicious

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      So glad you enjoyed it!

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  • Kristin

    Holy crap this was amazing! I made a half batch last night around 11pm (I’m pregnant, don’t judge!) and my husband and I both devoured it! I can’t wait to try it with different cheeses! I might need to make it again today… :)

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      Haha, I would never judge! I would totally make this mac and cheese at 11pm without hesitation, and I’m not even pregnant! So glad you both enjoyed it!

  • Erin Borth

    I will be making this tonight! I have celiac disease so this is a great alternative to not have to worry about making a roux and fussing over flours, etc… Just need to sub the noodles with gluten free noodles of course. Can’t wait! :) Thanks for posting this excellent alternative. I have yet to attempt mac and cheese since my diagnosis, and I LOVE me some mac n cheese!

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      I hope you enjoyed it! So glad you’re able to still have mac and cheese with celiac – that’s exactly the reason I love this recipe so much! :)

      • Erin Borth

        IT WAS AMAZING! I am telling everyone (and anyone) who will listen about this wonderful mac and cheese. The greek yogurt made it creamier and easier than ever. Best mac and cheese I have ever made, hands down. No worrying about lumps. Thank you so much for this excellent recipe! :)

        • melinda @cookingalamel

          I’m SO glad you enjoyed it!! Thank you for sharing the mac and cheese love. :)

        • gluten-eating bystander

          I’m glad you liked this, but for your future reference, cornstarch is gluten free and should thicken your cheese just as well as flour.

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  • Sarah F.

    Made this tonight & thought it turned out great!
    Just a thought on the clumpy cheese problem that some folks were having…. Maybe they were using shredded cheese from a bag? I know most bagged shredded cheeses have something added to keep the shreds from all sticking together, like corn starch and potato starch. Maybe that causes a problem when added to the hot water?

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      Good thought! Overheating the Greek yogurt also adds to the issue. Probably a combination of both!

  • Erin

    Is that 2 cups “dry” or “cooked” macaroni?

    • Melinda

      Dry macaroni. Sorry for the delay! Hope you enjoy the mac and cheese. :)

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      Dry – so sorry for the delay in response!

  • Alex

    Just made this… super easy and it’s a nice, light dinner (especially for finals time in grad school!).

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      So glad you enjoyed it :)

  • Steph

    I’m not sure if it was the sharp cheddar but this came out really really sour(?) I can’t think of the proper word. It was really good otherwise! I just was wondering if you had any ideas on how to mellow it out? Thanks!

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      Hmm. I’ve never had mine come out sour, but it’s probably due to different brands of yogurt having different tartness. I doubt the sharp cheddar would have contributed. You could mellow it out by adding a bit more cheese or reducing the yogurt slightly, or adding in some neutral mix-ins like broccoli, chicken, etc. You’ll have to let me know if you try it again differently!

  • Ashlyn

    I’m a die hard mac and cheese fanatic! It’s a ridiculous obsession of mines. I just made this and I have no words to describe how great this recipe is!! I absolutely completely love this recipe, and I don’t think I’ll make mac and cheese any other way now!

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      Yay! So glad this is your new favorite! Isn’t it crazy how easy it is?!

  • Camryn

    How many calories per serving??

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      A reader calculated it to be about 329 calories per serving. It may vary depending on what kind of cheese, yogurt, and pasta you use, though!

  • Grace

    When I made this it was a little bit sour so I added a some corn and a tin of tuna and it came out really nice :)

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      So glad the corn and tuna mellowed it out. I’ve never noticed it being sour – maybe from the different kinds of yogurt!

  • R

    I added peas and chicken and used Gouda cheese… Love the Greek yogurt because I enjoy the macaroni more without the guilt of cream! Great recipe – new standard for sure!!

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      Mmm gouda is one of my favorites! So glad you enjoyed it :)

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  • courtni

    Did you use fat-free or 2% Greek yogurt?

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      I’ve used both with great results! 2% is definitely creamier, but there isn’t that much of a difference. Hope you enjoy it!

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  • Marty

    I just made this…absolutely fabulous! So creamy and cheesy!! This is definitely a keeper…never thought I could enjoy mac n cheese guilt free! Thanks so much for sharing this great recipe!!

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      So glad you enjoyed it! :)

  • Lisa

    My sauce always breaks with this recipe. What am I doing wrong? Still tasty, though. :)

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      It could be that your greek yogurt gets a little bit overheated – that will cause it to separate. You can remove it from the heat and wait a few minutes before stirring it in. That might help! Glad you enjoy it anyway. :)

    • Rhiannon

      My boyfriend is a chef and he is always saying how cheese sauces break not because of the milk or yogurt but because of the cheese. If you use straight cheddar cheese, the oil in it cause the sauce to break. Cheddar is one of the oiliest cheeses out there.We found that buying a bag of shredded cheese that is a Mac and cheese blend(stop and shop has one and it work sreally well). Mozzarella and swiss is great too. I hope you have better success!

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  • Angie

    I pinned this a year ago and finally made it and I love it! I used plain yogurt low fat yogurt instead of Greek yogurt because I personally like the mellow flavor better. It worked great. Maybe this is the solution to readers who find this recipe to be too sour. Some of us are more inclined to taste the sour notes in Greek yogurt. I made sure not to get the yogurt too hot to avoid clumps and that worked perfectly for me.

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  • Andi

    I followed this recipe exactly (substituted Arugula for Spinach because that’s what I had on hand) and it turned out perfectly! Thank you for posting this. I was out of milk and sour cream but always have plenty of plain greek yogurt on hand. I usually use it for smoothies but love this savory recipe! No clumping or separation as others have said – My suggestion – make sure you follow the recipe exactly and melt the cheese before adding the yogurt. Thanks again :-)

  • steph

    This recipe is ridiculously fast, easy and delicious. I was skeptical about the yogurt but it turned out creamy and amazing. I had no separation issue with it. I only had a bit of mexican blend and a little mozzarella cheese (together was 8oz) and it turned out great. Can’t wait to try with a full on cheddar or even white cheddar. Thanks for sharing. Perfect for toddlers, and grown ups too 😉

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  • Jen Lopez

    I made this tonight and absolutely loved it! My son who is 4, even liked it! I served mine with a side of peas & mushrooms. Perfect dinner! Thank you!!!;)

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  • Trice

    Was wondering if vanilla Greek yogurt would taste ok? I don’t have plain on hand.

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      I don’t think vanilla would work out, as it would lend sweetness to the dish. Vanilla flavored mac and cheese doesn’t sound very good to me, either, haha. I’d wait until you have plain to try it!

    • Kate

      I accidentally bought vanilla greek yogurt and by the time I realized it, it was too late. It tasted pretty bad. We ate it but never finished the leftovers.

      • melinda @cookingalamel

        Oh no! Haha, I’m so sorry. I hope you try it again with plain. :)

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  • chloomeliaah

    Do you think you could bake this after making it?

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      My sister has with great results! You just want to make sure that the yogurt doesn’t overheat. But it’s a great idea if you want a toasted bread crumb topping, too!

  • Jessica Marse

    This turned out amazing! I used the same amounts of everything but added in about 4 oz or so of regular goat cheese, which lent a little salt to it, so I didn’t add any more salt. I did use Tony Chachere’s since I’m down South, but that was all I changed. Definitely a favorite recipe now!!

  • Matt Vaudrin

    Using the kraft shredded cheese with a touch of cream cheese was a bad idea. Ended up with a gooey mess that looked like rice crispie treats when you’re stirring the marshmallow in, lol. Not what I wanted. Still tasted good. Looking forward to trying it again with some other cheese.

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      Haha, oh no! I’ll keep that in mind – I’ve never tried that cheese! At least it still tasted good. :)

  • Kristen Campbell Langston

    I tried this last night and made some parmasean crusted chicken to put in it and it was DELICIOUS! Thanks for the great recipe!

  • Rachael M

    Does this recipe reheat well? Would it reheat if I used broccoli instead of spinach?

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      Sorry for the delay – but it does reheat well if you do it in 30-second intervals, stirring in between. Just make sure the yogurt doesn’t overheat, as it can get slightly grainy. It still tastes good, though! Using broccoli shouldn’t cause any issues.

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  • Kat

    It tasted very strange for me. There was a bit too much of the Greek yogurt texture that it wasn’t very creamy. It was okay but I can’t see myself making this again.

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      It’s possible that it overheated – this causes the yogurt to break up a little. Otherwise, it’s super creamy! I hope you’ll try again – it’s one of my favorite quick dinners!

  • AllieB

    I really liked this recipe, it tasted great! One problem I had was when adding the cheese to the spinach and cooked pasta. I found that most of the cheese stuck to the wilted spinach and then I ended up with huge clumps of cheesy spinach. They still tasted great, but a lot of the cheese never was absorbed into the sauce. Next time I’ll reserve the wilted spinach and add it in at the very end.

    Thanks for sharing this recipe! I will definitely be making this again.

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  • Kimberly Miller

    Hi, I just made this recipe and it was delicious. I shared it with my girlfriends. Definitely a keeper. I didn’t have spinach but did have a couple of peppers which I subbed for the spinach. It was yummy..

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      Peppers sounds wonderful! Sometimes I’ll make this with quinoa instead of pasta and add in broccoli, which is also excellent!

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  • Nicole

    Just made this recipe! Unfortunately the cheese and spinach clumped together into a giant ball that won’t seem to disperse. Next time I’ll make a roux and add the cheese sauce after. Otherwise it tastes great!

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      Did you try adding more of the hot pasta water? That sometimes helps. It’s hard to say what went wrong for you. I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you! I hope you’ll try again without the roux – that’s sort of the point of this recipe, not needing to make a roux!

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  • Pingback: Mac 2: Greek Yogurt Mac | skinnycookproblems()

  • SkinnyCookProblems

    Made this tonight with a few mods and blogged it!
    Possibly a new fav, this is very good!!

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      Looks great! So glad you enjoyed it!

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  • Michelle

    Hmmm feeling frustrated. Lots of expensive ingredients wasted. I used quality cheddar and a quality yogurt. You said it didn’t taste overly tangy, but this tasted like noodles coated in plain yogurt. I doubled the cheese to try to remedy it. Still tastes like Plain yogurt and noodles. It looks beautiful. I served it up thinking maybe I was just being picky. My kids made weird pickle faces. This IS tangy. We will throw out the pot. Not worth ruining mac and cheese just so you can say it has yogurt in it. Its edible but no one will enjoy eating it.

  • Michelle

    It also had a chalky, yogurty texture!

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  • kaykay

    Just made this…did it step by step. My fiance and I wanted to LOVE this but after a few bites and trying to figure it out …I said the texture of this reminded me exactly like eating a spoon full of ricotta cheese…anyone else get this? Just confused and sad because we fallowed STEP BY STEP

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  • frosty

    This was just gross! Worst waste of cheese ever!

  • Pingback: Missed Workouts and Healthy-ish Mac N’ Cheese | Sass N' Dash()

  • Rylee

    Did this recipe step by step except I used a little milk instead of the pasta water. Turned out great, the texture was smooth and it filled me up after about 10 bites.

  • Eml

    You do realize that 8oz = 1 cup, not 2 right? I’ve seen this recipe verbatim in several blogs and no one has corrected this. Great recipe if you can get the measurements right. I don’t measure anymore since I found they were so obviously wrong and just mix until its the right consistency. Also DON’T add the reserved pasta water – blech!

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      8 oz. of cheese by WEIGHT – the volume of it ends up being about 2 cups. If you buy a bag of shredded cheese, you’ll notice a 1 pound bag (16 oz.) is 4 cups of cheese total. Assuming 8 oz. is 1 cup only works for liquids. Depending on the cheese, you may need the water to help it melt a bit more – it varies greatly by cheese.

    • Nikster

      Many MANY pasta recipes call for some reserved pasta water. The salt and starch left over in the water helps with flavour and consistency of the recipe. The only way it is “Blech” is if you are not boiling enough water.

    • Heather Thornton

      Liquid weight is different than mass weight. If you weighed 1 cup of cheese would it weigh 8 oz?No.

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  • BLGfan9

    Mine cheese or yogurt separated when I did this :(

    Any remedies?

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      Sorry for the delay – generally, once it’s separated, there isn’t really anything you can do to fix it, but it should taste fine, still!

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  • Katy

    GREAT recipe! Definitely add cheese first and then the yogurt. I actually used a whole cup of yogurt and added diced tomatoes and mushrooms. DELICIOUS!

    Thank you so much for this recipe! Very excited to check out the rest of your stuff. 😀

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      So glad you enjoyed it!!

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  • emeleester

    Hmm. I wonder how this would turn out with sour cream instead of Greek yogurt (I have sour cream to use up and a very full fridge). Has anyone tried that?

    • melinda @cookingalamel

      I would imagine sour cream would work out fine – it’s very similar to Greek yogurt in texture/flavor! It’ll just have a little less protein, and you might not need as much pasta water since it’s a little thinner!

  • keeks

    how many calories do you think this would be ??

    • Julie

      I actually just calculated it. A little less than 2000 for the whole thing; there are four servings so approximately 475 per serving, if you follow it exactly.

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  • Patti

    I’m a dietitian, and I tried making this for a nutrition class that I teach. Wow, did it flop miserably!!! Definitely should’ve tried it at home first before doing a cooking demo in front of a crowd. The Greek yogurt made everything curdle, and it was all one big glob. I tried adding more hot pasta water and that just made it worse :( I did use nonfat plan Greek yogurt, and I’m wondering if that could’ve been it. Where did I go wrong??

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  • Meghan

    Is it OK to use nonfat plain Greek yogurt?

  • DobbyAFreeElf

    One of the best recipes I have ever made! Despite what others said about the yogurt clumping together, for me everything went perfect [and I used non-fat]! Thanks for sharing!

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  • Danielle

    This did not make 4-6 servings for me. I got 2 out of this recipe and they were not big servings at all. As a result each serving had about 630 calories! I don’t know if I measured wrong or if the servings are ment to be really tiny…

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  • NikkiJ

    I really don’t understand the difficulty with this recipe? I made it- followed directions- and it came out perfect and delicious! Made 6 decent sized servings and came out to 272cals/serving….thanks for posting, we loved it!

  • karla

    eating this recipe as we speak! divine!!! Tried it once before with alot of substitutes and very little measurements…second time around I’m glad I got the ingredients right! Thanks!

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  • Ashley

    I personally don’t like the taste of Greek yogurt and the recipe was a little too tangy for me. If it is for you too my tip is to refrigerate it overnight and have it for lunch. So delicious!!

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  • vpark3

    This was a delicious recipe! I changed a few things to suit my tastes, but I couldn’t taste the yogurt at all and had no problems with separation. I always put a little bouillon (I like Better than Bouillon) and garlic salt in my pasta water, as I think it gives the pasta a better flavor. Also, after reading the comments, I left the noodles/spinach in the strainer while I melted the cheese (half pepper jack, half sharp cheddar) with the pasta water on the lowest heat. I would recommend reserving more like 1/2 c. to 3/4. pasta water, as I definitely used more than 1/4 c. I also doubled the spinach, added frozen grilled chicken strips (heated first), and some sautéed diced onions and garlic. Once it was melted, I added the spinach, noodles, onions and garlic, and chicken into the pot and stirred. I turned off the heat and added the yogurt last. I added a little more pasta water to get the consistency I wanted. Lastly I added salt and pepper to taste, and topped each serving with crumbled bacon (made on the George Foreman so I wouldn’t have to deal with popping grease)! So delicious! Thank you for posting it!

  • toots

    If you’re using fresh shredded cheese and not the bagged crap, sprinkle a little cornstarch into the cheese and mix to cost before adding to the pasta…it helps the cheese to melt better rather than just getting stringy or clumping. This was good but I think I added a little too much of the pasta water so its was too thin. Definitely will try again though cuz it was still good

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  • Charlene

    I was looking for a good healther version of macaroni and cheese and came across this recipe. I always like to read the comments to see how others liked a dish after making it and on here I saw a lot of people bickering with each other. Well I made this and I loved it. So did my family. I made one change. I put it in a dish topped it with a little more cheese and a little bit of panko and baked it. AMAZING!

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  • Rose

    I made this recipe last night for dinner only I added in edamame and different beans and it came out perfectly! It was probably one of the first things I ate in a long time that actually filled me up. I even had leftovers for lunch. Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe!

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